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Is Friar Lawrence responsible?

There has to be a person at fault when someone eliminates themselves. The play Romeo and Juliet is written by William Shakespeare, and it features two addicts by the labels of Romeo and Juliet. They marry despite their very own parents hate for each additional. Both Romeo and Juliet end up eliminating themselves in fact it is made ambiguous who is the reason for their fatalities. Friar Lawrence is to to take responsiblity for three major causes, he produced multiple plans that consistently failed, he did not encourage them to tell their parents, and he married them in complete secrecy.

The most severe plan that Friar thought of was his plan to generate it appearance as if Juliet was deceased although the lady really is certainly not. " A chilly and drowsy humor” (5. 1 . 96). This quote is Friar explaining his plan to Juliet. This plan is for making Juliet seem dead in order that she will not need to marry Paris. His plan moves successfully typically, but sooner or later it has a major downfall. Romeo did not know very well what the exact strategy was, and he hears rumor that Juliet is definitely dead. Romeo cannot manage the fatality of his beloved better half and this individual ends up eradicating himself. Juliet then wakes up from her coma and sees that Romeo offers killed him self. She are not able to handle his death both and she kills their self as well. Friar would have had to make sure that Romeo knew all the details about the program in order for the routine to actually operate. Romeo and Juliet check out Friar pertaining to leadership in all aspects of their existence, so if he suggests this plan of action, they are certain to agree. He should have thought more thoroughly about each specific step of the program, because the outcomes for his plan declining could be awful. In this case his plan triggered the loss of life of Romeo and Juliet.

Friar recognized that it was a bad idea for the two to get married; he really should have used his leadership position to affect them to stay away from married, or at least let their particular parents find out about it. " Wisely and slow, they stumble that run fast”. (2. 4. 94. ) This quote shows...