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Increase your reliability, speed and security with New York Ethernet.  When you do business in the Big Apple, you cannot afford to miss a few emails or even wait for your documents to download. You need speed.   By bypassing the local phone company, we are able to give you superior service at the same bandwidth connection, connecting you directly to your ISP.  Since you won’t have to go through your phone company, this also increases the speed of your metro Ethernet.  There are many reasons why New York Ethernet is right for your company.  Check them our below.

Scalability.  Scalability is crucial for any business.  When you add on a new office or you just need more bandwidth to handle to the amounts of traffic and data that are on your network, you need to make this change fast.  You cannot wait days because time is money.  When you contact us, we will make the changes within a few hours.  We are flexible meaning that we can grow alongside your company.  We also can install New York Ethernet in just a few weeks unlike other service providers who might take months to install metro Ethernet.

If you want to save money and become more profitable in New York, then you need New York Ethernet.  You will be able to connect all of your offices across the metropolitan area onto one solid and secure network.  Contact us today for more information about metro Ethernet and for a fast, free New York Ethernet quote.

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